James Dashner – The Maze Runner (1e recensie)

boekomslag James Dashner - The maze runner

If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human. When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s surrounded by strangers, boys whose memories are also gone. Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade. Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It’s the only way out and no one’s ever made it through alive. Everything is going to change. Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying. Remember. Survive. Run.

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Over het verhaal

He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air.
Metal ground against metal; a lurching shudder shook te floor beneath him. He fell down at the sudden movement and shuffled backward on his hands and feet, drops of sweat beading on his forehead despite the cool air. His back struck a hard metal wall; he slid along it until he hit the corner of the room. Sinking to the floor, he pulled his legs up tight against his body, hoping his eyes would soon adjust to the darkness.
With another jolt, the room jerked upward like an old lift in a mine shaft.
Harsh sounds of chains and pulleys, like the workings of an ancient steel factory, echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls with a hollow, tinny whine. The lightless elevator swayed back and forth as it ascended, turning the boy’s stomach sour with nausea; a smell like burnt oil invaded his senses, making him feel worse. He wanted to cry, but no tears came; he could only sit there, alone, waiting.
My name is Thomas, he thought.
That… that was the only thing he could remember about his life.
He didn’t understand how this could be possible. (blz. 8)

Thomas weet niet waar hij is, maar hij weet ook niet wie hij is. Het enige dat hij zich kan herinneren is zijn naam. Hij hoort stemmen en na een tijdje gaat er een soort deur open. Hij ziet allemaal jongens en ze kijken naar hem. Hij blijkt in een lift te zitten. De jongens helpen hem uit de lift en Thomas kijkt om zich heen.

As he rotated in a slow circle, the other kids snickered and stared; some reached out and poked him with a finger. There had to be at least fifty of them, their clothes smudged and sweaty as if they’d been hard at work, all shapes and sizes and races, their hair of varying lengths. Thomas suddenly felt dizzy, his eyes flickering between the boys and the bizarre place in which he’d found himself.
They stood in a vast courtyard several times the size of a football field, surrounded by four enormous walls made of gray stone and covered in sports with thick ivy. The walls had to be hundreds of feet hight and formed a perfect square around them, each side split in the exact middle by an opening as tall as the walls themselves that, from what Thomas could see, led to passages and long corridors beyond. (blz. 11)

De jongens die hier wonen weten geen van allen hoe ze hier terecht zijn gekomen. Niemand heeft herinneringen aan vroeger. Er is hier electriciteit, er zijn gebouwen, meubels en elke week komen er verse boodschappen met de lift. En af en toe komt er een nieuwe jongen bij. Alle jongens hebben een taak, sommigen zorgen voor het schoonmaken, voor het eten, voor de dieren en sommigen zijn labyrintrenner. Buiten de muren is een doolhof en de renners gaan hier elke dag in en brengen het doolhof in kaart. En elke avond verandert het doolhof. De renners hopen op een dag een uitgang te vinden zodat ze allemaal weer naar huis kunnen.

Thomas frowned, not quite understanding the drive inside him, urging him on. Especially after last night. But he still felt it. Felt it all over.
“why all the interest?” Newt asked.
Thomas hesitated, thinking, scared to say it out loud again. “I want to be a Runner.”
Newt turned and looked him in the eye. “Haven’t been here a week, shank. Little early for death wishes, don’t ya think?”
“I’m serious.” It barely made sense even to Thomas, but he felt it deeply. In fact, the desire to become a Runner was the only thing driving him on, helping him accept his predicament.
Newt didn’t break his gaze. “So am I. Forget it. No one’s ever become a Runner in their first month, much less their first week. Got a lot of provin’ to do before we’ll recommend you to the Keeper.”
Thomas stood and started folding up his sleeping gear. “Newt, I mean it. I can’t pull weeds all day – I’ll go nuts. I don’t have a clue what I did before they shipped me here in that metal blox, but my gut tells me that being a Runner is what I’m supposed to do. I can do it.”
Newt still sat there, staring up at Thomas, not offering to help. “No one said you couldn’t. But give it a rest for now.” (blz. 102)

En dan op een avond, als twee renners al de hele dag weg zijn geweest en de poorten bijna gaan sluiten, gaat het mis. De poorten beginnen al te sluiten als Thomas in de verte de twee renners ziet strompelen. Eén van hen is gewond en het lijkt erop alsof ze het niet gaan halen. Thomas besluit om hen te helpen. Op het moment dat hij het doolhof in rent sluiten de poorten zich. De twee renners en Thomas zitten opgesloten in het doolhof. En ‘s nachts lopen hier monsters rond.

How could anyone ever be happy in a life like this? he thought. Then, How could anyone be evil enough to do this to us? He understood more than ever the passion the Gladers felt for finding their way out of the Maze. It wasn’t just a matter of escape. For the first time, he felt a hunger to get revenge on the people responsible for sending him there.
But those thought just led back to the hopelessness that had filled him so many times already. If Newt and the others hadn’t been able to solve the Maze after two years of searching, it seemed impossible there could actually be a solution. The fact that the Gladers hadn’t given up said more about these people than anything else.
And now he was one of them.
This is my life, he thought. Living in a giant maze, surrounded by hideous beasts. Sadness filled him like a heavy poison. Alby’s screams, now distant but still audible, only made it worse. He had to squeeze his hands to his ears every time he heard them. (blz. 143)

Zullen de twee renners en Thomas de nacht in het doolhof overleven? Zullen de jongens ooit een uitgang vinden en weer naar huis kunnen? Waarom zitten ze hier eigenijk opgesloten?

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